Self Hypnosis Techniques
Suffering from anxiety, fear or annoying behavior?

You are your best hypnotist and hypnotherapist! Problems are often just a result of a bad self-hypnosis!

How would it feel if you would have the ability to eliminate all negative limiting beliefs and any irrational fears, and to access all your inner strength and the knowledge you have?

We practice several self-hypnosis and mindfulness related techniques to approach and solve specific issues we are sometimes confronted with and to develop complete navigation of our mental state in each situation. We want to get more self-control in each setting we encounter using elements from self hypnosis, trance states, and NLP.

My mission is I want to enable you to help yourself to live the life you want and merit!

Often we are completely mentally captured in a fear driven negative trance state, in which we perceive the reality in the context of a belief we constructed ourselves, or often others have placed on us. We want to dehypnotize ourselves and be free from these negative belief systems and the resulting limitations for all the future and create a new empowering and exciting future in which we can fulfil our dreams.

We will show you how to develop an awareness of negative auto-suggestion and its consequences and how to correct them. We are our best hypnotist and often do very negative self-hypnosis!

We use our approach to teach you self-hypnosis as a method for empowering and better maintaining yourself, and as lifestyle.

Generally we practice with the following topics.
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